Monday, October 28, 2013

CZ Bag *Sold-out*

“Style is about surviving, about having been through a lot and making it look easy.” –  C.Z. Guest

C.Z. Guest, is one of the Prep movement’s classic icons. Known for her clean lines and simple elegance, she has been immensely popular in international society circles and has graced countless magazine. Her distinct sense of style is classic preppy! C.Z.’s unique clean sense has matched Prep’s similar nature of combining simple elegance, mixed with touch of texture to give off staying elegance while being understated.

Like C.Z. Guest, Sinude’s CZ Bag mixes vibrantly colored textured fabric with a classic leather finish. Designed in classic shape you’ll love, with a magnetic button closure to keep all your necessities safe but accessible to you and an adjustable leather strap to fit every body shape! Choose your CZ Bag color combination! Choose to go classy with CZ in Tan Leather, Green//Tan, or Violet//Black; or choose to go adventurous with CZ Bag in Silver Leather or  Violet//Silver. Indulge the Preppy in you! Choose you! Be you!

Php 3,800 - CZ Bag in Green//Tan ; Violet//Silver; Violet//Black

Php 6,000 – * Limited * CZ Bag in Tan Leather // Silver Leather

Tan Leather

Silver Leather