Rockwell's Holiday Artisan Fair
December 5-7,2014, Rockwell Tent

Globe GCash Bazaar
October 24-26, 2014 at the Eastwood Mall Open Park

Global Pinoy Bazaar 2013

SuperSale Bazaar - March 2013

La Feria Bazaar - December 2012

Time to show some Pinoy love!

Join us at M CAFE for a relaxing PRIVATE SALE experience on March 31! :) 
Choice Brands! Tea.. and maybe some wine? :)

Let's put purpose in fashion! Help send a child to school!
Enjoy the Metro's greatest finds while giving more meaning to shopping! :)

We're part of the 2012 BDJ Planner! Join us in this fund-raising event to launch your favorite organizer!

Need we say more? GO PINOY! :)