Thursday, December 20, 2012

Holiday 2012: Lap//Doc Sleeve *SOLD OUT*

Keep your laptops snug with these leather-accented sleeves!
Use them for those important documents as well.
Lap//Doc Sleeves measures: 14inches in length & 9.75 inches in height
Amaretto & Outback are lined with Canary Yellow fabric
Pine is lined with Sky Blue fabric
Khaki is lined with Yellow fabric
Php 1,650






Bluish Black

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Holiday 2012: Beltbags *SOLD OUT*

We've just vamped up our belt bags! For Holiday 2012, we've added that relax leather-accented belt to partner with your belt bag!

Be creative and match the beltbag with your most outrageous belt.. or go for the classic laid-back look and use Sinude's pair together. Perfect for the on-the-go's!

Comes in 1 size [up to size 36]

Php 1,650
Bluish Black



BELTS - Php 900

Pine Green Leather
Outback Brown Leather

Monday, December 3, 2012


“Everything you see, I owe to spaghetti”
Food lover. Witty. Sexy. Definitely Beautiful! These are but a few traits of movie siren Sophia Loren. Born Sofia VILLANI Scicolone in Italy, her acting talent and blinding good looks soon made her famous far beyond her home. Working in films including ‘Two Nights with Cleopatra’, ‘Lucky to be a Woman’, ‘The Fall of the Roman Empire’, Sophia has had a chance to work with great actors of the era. Even in 1995’s ‘Grumpier Old Men’, her on-screen presence remains disarming.
Sinude’s VILLANI Bag is a tribute to Sophia Loren’s timeless elegance. It is designed relatable to classic-styled ladies from across age groups & events! VILLANI translates very well from casual weekends, to lovely dinner-outs!
VILLANI is also available in LIMITED Color-Combination release!
Php 6,100

Cerulean Blue

Deep Orange


Cerulean Blue - Combination

Deep Orange - Combination

Monday, November 26, 2012


1930’s Hollywood bombshell, Jean Harlow, is the inspiration for DIVA DAY OUT COLLECTION’s shopper! Born Harlean Harlow Carpenter, our diva has made her beauty and presence felt in Hollywood box office hits like Red Dust and Hold Your Man! Her humble beginnings, her talent as a comedienne and her superstar status has become the inspiration to Sinude’s take to a classic everyday shopper!

With its light-weight leather material, semi-gloss finish and clean chic details, the HARLEAN SHOPPER maintain its classic good looks with the functionality that comes with everyday!
 Harlean Shopper comes in:
Purple with Amber leather accent
Rose with Amber leather accent
Salmon with Amber leather accent
Apple Green with Deep Green accent
Php 3,800


Apple Green



Monday, November 19, 2012


Sinude's DIVA DAY OUT Collection  is an homage to modern day goddesses! Embodiment of confidence, self-assurance, focus, hardwork & beauty, even these goddesses need day outs!

Travel! Work! Shopping! Errands! Day dates! .. All the same reason to stay beautiful! From the simplest of tasks or appointments to the most eventful, the modern goddess always looks (and feels) her best!

REBECCA 2.0 is Sinude's first design off the DIVA DAY OUT Collection. A 2012 update to our previous Rebecca Bag, REBBECA 2.0 is Sinude's homage to our personal diva. Specially named after a very strong lady who has managed to raise children in the most beautiful way and to inspire young women who are get close to her in the ways of faith, balance, truth and coolness! Truly an inspiration to Sinude.

REBECCA 2.0 maintains the same dual-way bag feature of the Rebecca bag model. It may be used as a hand hag or a shoulder bag through its detachable strap. Rebecca 2.0's interior is likewise lined with genuine leather.

NOW: Php 3,995
BEFORE: Php 5,200




Bluish Black

Monday, August 27, 2012


We know how much ladies love their multi-purpose bags & bags that change to more than one look. This is why we’ve created EPONA! Choose to use it as a top handle bag, or attach its long strap for that ever-ready, ever-on-the-go, handy satchel!

Named after the Celtic Goddess of horses, EPONA (just like Capriole) celebrates the care-free and rustic feel of the open country with its Vintage-finish leather! Never be afraid use EPONA to your heart’s content, part of its leather- charm is its ‘scratch friendly’ finish. It is this unique finish that gives this bag its personality and charm

Love it! Carry it! Swing it!
‘Meant for over-using

Php 5,400


Outback Brown

Smokey Gray


Sunday, July 29, 2012


Leap & Jump! CAPRIOLE is your definition of form and grace. Traditionally a classical horse riding tool to show off its grace and form, Sinude has taken it as inspiration for the bag as leaping to your potential! Structured and graceful, the CAPRIOLE BAG’s shape and structure is inspired by the horse shoe that makes this riding move possible.

CAPRIOLE is made from three specially selected pull-side leather colors (Khaki, Pine & Amaretto) for that
Western vintage feel!

NOW: Php 3,800
Before: Php 5,000




Triccie Obligacion
Jan Rafael Floro

Sunday, April 22, 2012


Sixth design off the Louisiana Summer Collection!

Designed for the diligent woman!

Need to work on the weekends? Need to spend that extra hour for work/hw? Who says function can’t be beautiful?! The NIKAV MESSENGER BAG is designed to bring that touch of glam to your trusty-everyday-messenger! With its size big enough to accommodate books, paperworks, laptops, make-up kits & everything a lady might need, you’ll never have to leave home or put in that extra hour without bringing your school/work essentials! Glam isn’t sacrificed! With different color combinations to choose from your can go for that glitzy vibe.. or go with a more casual look with the denim!

Work & homework definitely never looked better!

BEFORE: Php 1,700
NOW: Php 900


Turquoise Duet

Turquoise Duet (Turquoise & Silver) 

Pink Duet

Pink Duet (Pink & Brown)

Green Duet

Green Duet (Green & Silver)

Soak Swimwear
The Body Shop

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Fifth design off our Louisiana Summer Collection!

Continue summer’s care-free sexy feel with TALITHA! Named after the 1960’s bohemian icon Talitha Getty, this bag incorporates the ultimate symbol of freedom, independence and femininity into its design. The fringe! Fringe persists throughout savvy fashion history and we see no reason not to have it this summer! It has come to symbolize life every woman should hold! Going beyond pure form, TALITHA, truly (and definitely) embodies lifestyle & attitude!

Made from man-made leather, TALITHA offers a lighter weight option for everyone! It closes through snap closure for easy access and has a special zipped up compartment for your valuables!

Php 1,400


Zipped-up case detail




Soak Swimwear
The Body Shop