Saturday, September 19, 2015


Love affair with travel springs more than just being able to go for an adventure but
of gaining valuable insights on the world's splendors, dangers, people and culture.

Sinude's ALPODELL PASSPORT HOLDER takes inspiration from Mr. Albert
Podell, the first man to ever visit every country in the whole world. His adventure has
taken 50 years to complete - 120 separate journeys - and almost 1,000,000 miles covered. 
A story of dedication, persistence and indomitable will.

Take ALPODELL on your adventure. Made from genuine leather,  ALPODELL  includes
 provisions for credit cards, travel documents and bills..
All in the safety of your passport holder.

Available in:
Classic Black
Vintage Brown
Vintage Tangerine

Php 1,600


Classic Tangerine

Classic Brown

Classic Black

Thursday, September 10, 2015


For 'Recurrence 2015 +' we've created BURSA to complete the remake of
our classic styles.

In 2015, we've decide to make coin-keeping much more interesting!
Gone are the days when you leave your coins around with this coin holder looker.
BURSA is rougedly and uniquely shaped to hold coins and keep in your bag,
or hook it on your jean or bag exterior!
Fit even your bills and small valuables inside.

Available in:
Classic Black
Vintage Tangerine
Vintage Brown 

*Perfect of matching with 'Recurrence 2015 +' bags!

Php 850

Classic Black

Vintage Tangerine


Vintage Brown

Thursday, August 20, 2015

VIAJE Overnight Bag

Its back! Because we love a leather piece that every good traveller should have, we’ve made VIAJE part of our Recurrence 2015+ Collection! It is especially designed for the constant quick trip traveller (and those would-be weekend warriors) and transcends seamlessly into an heirloom piece that your family can also enjoy

Viaje Overnight Bag has been refined and crafted in new colors

Available in: 
Classic Black
Vintage Tangerine
Vintage Brown

Php 7,500

Classic Black

Vintage Tangerine

Vintage Brown

Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Our favorite arm band is back!

Strong and carefree feel of braided leather is complimented by high quality solf angled gold buckles to give it the luxury feel!

Colors: Orange, Soft Chocolate, Black, Red, Western Brown and Light Mustard

*Available in Medium and Large

Php 350



Western Brown

Soft Chocolate


Light Mustard


Thursday, April 16, 2015

Puzzle Pouch

The first Sinude accessory for Summer 2015, meet the PUZZLE POUCH.
The Puzzle Pouch is designed in sleek form, not to bulky! It serves as your pouch for those handy-dandy things. Its also designed classy enough to serve as your clutch bag for those night outs!
With precisely-geometric design, the Puzzle Pouch comes in color blocked colors, or plain and textured.
Available in: orange-combo, tan-combo, textured green and textured wine

*Personalized stamping available*

Height: 6 inches
Length : 10 1/2 inches
Base: 1 1/2 inches

Php 1,200

Puzzle Pouches

Textured Wine



Textured Green