Saturday, October 29, 2011


We bring another homage to an icon of fashion. You find the beautiful Agyness Deyn, in funky outfits: very Androgynous, very unique and very much her own true style. As a model/singer/actress she always makes sure that she adds fun to the quotient of her style. From Dr. Martens to sky high Louboutins. From neon pink tights to funky fedora hats. But Notice her may be in the mod artsy prints but it's always in a CLASSIC DESIGN. She is Agyness Deyn. She is a SINUDE WOMAN.

This is our take on the Dr.'s bag. The speedy as per Louise Vuitton. Nina Garcia of Project Runway has included this style as part of  her book the "ONE HUNDRED, A GUIDE TO THE PIECES EVERY STYLISH WOMAN MUST OWN". SINUDE's VERSION has been filled with studs at the sides and a pocket for easy access. We've made the mouth of the bag wider. This makes it so much easier to look and access of things inside your bag. As always in SINUDE fashion we give you a pop of color in every synthetic leather bag we make, not only outside but also inside. This design has an androgynous/rock & roll/funky feel to it to add pizazz to any click away! Get your dose of Agyness now!

Now only Php 1,300! 

Very Hot Pink (VHP)

Creamy Beige

Stone Gray

Sexy Red

Cocoa Brown

Rockin' Black

Blush Pink


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