Sunday, April 22, 2012


Sixth design off the Louisiana Summer Collection!

Designed for the diligent woman!

Need to work on the weekends? Need to spend that extra hour for work/hw? Who says function can’t be beautiful?! The NIKAV MESSENGER BAG is designed to bring that touch of glam to your trusty-everyday-messenger! With its size big enough to accommodate books, paperworks, laptops, make-up kits & everything a lady might need, you’ll never have to leave home or put in that extra hour without bringing your school/work essentials! Glam isn’t sacrificed! With different color combinations to choose from your can go for that glitzy vibe.. or go with a more casual look with the denim!

Work & homework definitely never looked better!

BEFORE: Php 1,700
NOW: Php 900


Turquoise Duet

Turquoise Duet (Turquoise & Silver) 

Pink Duet

Pink Duet (Pink & Brown)

Green Duet

Green Duet (Green & Silver)

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