Monday, December 3, 2012


“Everything you see, I owe to spaghetti”
Food lover. Witty. Sexy. Definitely Beautiful! These are but a few traits of movie siren Sophia Loren. Born Sofia VILLANI Scicolone in Italy, her acting talent and blinding good looks soon made her famous far beyond her home. Working in films including ‘Two Nights with Cleopatra’, ‘Lucky to be a Woman’, ‘The Fall of the Roman Empire’, Sophia has had a chance to work with great actors of the era. Even in 1995’s ‘Grumpier Old Men’, her on-screen presence remains disarming.
Sinude’s VILLANI Bag is a tribute to Sophia Loren’s timeless elegance. It is designed relatable to classic-styled ladies from across age groups & events! VILLANI translates very well from casual weekends, to lovely dinner-outs!
VILLANI is also available in LIMITED Color-Combination release!
Php 6,100

Cerulean Blue

Deep Orange


Cerulean Blue - Combination

Deep Orange - Combination

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