Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Volo Back Pack

Volo Back Pack

SINUDE's look-back to more carefree days of uncomplicated bags of younger years, where more playful and carefree days made both men and women put all the things they needed behind their backs! VOLO is Sinude's first all-leather backpack design.

Inspired by vintage flight, VOLO is designed with soft edges reminiscent of airplane wings, and 40's over-all feel. Large interior compartment to house school/work/travel essentials. VOLO is also designed with an accessible interior side compartment for your small-sized essentials, and a flat back panel for comfortable wearing.

Available in:

Php 7,500.00

Height - 15 inches
Length - 13 inches
Base - 5 1/2 inches
Length per back strap - 32 1/2 inches

ORDER FORM: http://sinude.blogspot.com/p/order-form.html

Volo in Black

Volo in Tan

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