Saturday, September 19, 2015


Love affair with travel springs more than just being able to go for an adventure but
of gaining valuable insights on the world's splendors, dangers, people and culture.

Sinude's ALPODELL PASSPORT HOLDER takes inspiration from Mr. Albert
Podell, the first man to ever visit every country in the whole world. His adventure has
taken 50 years to complete - 120 separate journeys - and almost 1,000,000 miles covered. 
A story of dedication, persistence and indomitable will.

Take ALPODELL on your adventure. Made from genuine leather,  ALPODELL  includes
 provisions for credit cards, travel documents and bills..
All in the safety of your passport holder.

Available in:
Classic Black
Vintage Brown
Vintage Tangerine

Php 1,600


Classic Tangerine

Classic Brown

Classic Black